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Dashboard builds market and customer intelligence programmes that position companies to grow. We help clients to listen deeply and to understand what their customers want. We simplify and make sense of complex data. We present our analysis to our clients creatively and clearly so that they know what it means for them and what they need to do. 

INSIGHT TOOLS - We do this by applying leading research, marketing, data, and insight skills to the fast-evolving set of tools that technology provides. This is powerful. It enables us to provide our clients with solid insight foundations for building brands and businesses.

TRACK RECORD - Dashboard’s roots go back to 2004. Since then we have continuously innovated our offer and led projects in over 40 countries, driving brand tracking, market insight, customer experience and offer development programs for leading African and international businesses.

QUALITY AND SERVICE - We remain however a small owner-managed Cape Town based team that takes pride in every project that we take on. The quality of our research, the extra value we offer, and the level of personal service we provide set us apart.

RESPONSIBLE AND EMPOWERING - We are also very aware of our responsibility to ensure that the way we work with information is ethical and responsible to consumers, our clients, and our industry. Ultimately we see it as our role to empower individuals and assist them to access products, services, and tools that better meet their needs and enhance their lives.

Dashboard Consulting is a Level 4 BBBEE company with 100% recognition.


Our Services


Track brand performance against competitors and category drivers.

Focus on the measures that matter most for your brand and category. Simple dashboards allow you to view your brand health at a glance yet quickly dig deeper when more detail is required.


Proven for digital, service, FMCG, and B2B brands.


Ideal for a consolidated multi-category or multi-country view.



Assess customer experience and brand delivery through the journey.

Continuously diagnose and track customer experience and unpack critical improvement areas.

Understand improvement priorities by monitoring how customer drivers shift as they move through your journey.
Explore the complex web of micro-journeys and use deep data analysis to reveal vital interactions and profitable pathways for your customers.




Detailed diagnosis of touch-points and micro journeys.

Drill down for diagnosis and optimisation at individual touch points.

Streamline, prioritise and resolve sources of customer difficulty, annoyance, and failure.



Dynamically assess the market presence, dominant perceptions and future propensity of your brand in its competitive context.

Assess health performance and show how it can be improved. Monitor shifts in category or brand perceptions and behaviours  - and optimise approach as conditions change. 
Track key category dynamics and changing triggers and barriers.
Evaluate reactions to communication campaigns and capture customer sentiment.



Simplify a complex market into distinct, relevant segments to drive marketing efficiency and product or service development. 

Segmentations need not be complicated but should be simple and easy to work with across the business. We work with a range of segmentation approaches and collaborate with clients to choose the best solution.


Viable, relevant segments are identified, described and prioritised. Broad strategies for each viable segment will be recommended based on their unique choice patterns.

If required, geo-mapping and database tagging can assist sales staff, logistics or CRM programmes. 


Evaluate and refine offer elements and identify the best finished product.

Evaluate concepts, products, packs and offers against competitors or each other and across the key choice drivers within the category.



Stand alone or as a module within brand tracking.

Detailed evaluation of your execution or campaign. How likely is it to be noticed? What is its impact on customer perceptions and how persuasive is it?  Direct  ‘voice of the customer’ reactions provide texture and insight that can be used to drive the creative process. 


Determine optimal price levels for your offer.

Using a range of key questions, we will help you to identify your optimal price point. Can be at an individual level or grouped to create a universal price point.

Additional diagnostics can be included to determine the relative benefit of added value offers.



Optimisation of your brand
and innovation portfolio.

This requires not only a deep insight into your category, but also a rich understanding of how brands work and what will work for your business.

We have extensive experience working with Africa’s top marketers to develop and explore foundations for their growth ambitions.



Use our research and data skills, together with our network of panels, custom recruitment and range of survey platforms generate the insight you need.

Surveys span multiple countries in and outside of Africa. From desktop to mobile.


Bespoke solutions that leverage our technology to work for you. 


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